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Our platform will support all popular social media services

What we offer Influencers
and Brands

Our platform fulfills core influencer platform needs for influencers and brands. We are bring on the best and the brightest in the influencer marketing space to be at the forefront the spaces evolution.

Free Platform and Coaching Resources

We offer a free platform for all influencers no matter the follower count. Many influencer marketing platforms charge monthly or annual subscription fees and depending on your current tier of influence, you may or may not have the ability to make that investment back.

Furthermore, you may not even be able to join the platform if you do not meet a certain threshold. We want to eliminate any barriers-to-entry that influencers go through in regard to business relationships and capital.

Discoverability of Product and Marketing Campaigns

We offer a solution to influencer marketplace saturation. In the influencer space, nano-influencers and micro-influencers (less than 10k followers) have a difficult time monetizing their influence.

An individual nano or micro-influencer may not attract the attention some brands need to achieve their goals of exposure, awareness, and leads.

Free Webstore and Commissions on Sales

For brands that have opted into our drop-ship program, we will offer influencers the ability to drop-ship items for their favorite brands or brands influencers are promoting in campaigns.

Currently, most influencers look to the likes of Shopify and Wix to build out e-stores, both of which cost several hundred or thousands of dollars annually depending on what support level you need.

Scheduled Posting and Cross-platform Automation

As your influence grows, so does your demand to be used in brand campaign offerings. To ensure our influencers can keep up with the need for their services across platforms, we will offer a solution to streamline the process of fulfilling your daily campaign tasks.

We will allow an influencer to upload their content based on the brand talking points provided and schedule a social media post to go live on their calendar.

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